The 5 Step G.P.S. System

Grow. Protect. Secure.

Do not become lost as you travel toward retirement. Even after retirement is reached, you still need a good route to follow.  Colborn Associates will help personalize your pathway with your destination in mind. By learning about your goals and dreams, Colborn Associates will help chart a path specifically for you and your family.

Our 5 Step G.P.S. system (Grow-Protect-Secure) will help you map out the best financial route to efficiently guide you to your retirement destination. 

STEP 1: Plot Your Destination

 Each destination is specific to each individual.  Colborn Associates will start by discussing with you to find out about your hopes and dreams along with your financial goals.  

STEP 2: Acquire Your Current Position

 In this stage Colborn Associates will learn about your current position, in order to chart the best course to your destination.  We will gather both personal and financial data.  Where do you currently stand, financially?  What type of route do you want to take--are you aggressive, conservative, or in the middle?  What time do you want to arrive at your retirement?  Your current position will help to tell Colborn Associates the best route towards your retirement. 

STEP 3: Chart Your Route

 Using your current position and destination points, we will chart your best options using all (not just one like many planners) the companies available to you.  Unlike many planners, Colborn Associates is independent and works with many companies allowing us to plan the best route using all the options available to you.  Together we will show you the pros and the cons of each route, and help you choose the path which is best for you and your family. 

STEP 4: Begin Your Journey

 A journey can not begin until the first step is taken.  We will assist you with any and all the details needed to make your plan a reality, and put you on-route to the destination of your dreams.

STEP 5: Monitor And Recalculate

 As your life changes, so might your goals and dreams.  We will monitor your current plan, check to make sure you are happy, and make sure your current destination is still where you want to be.  Colborn Associates will help keep you on the path to the destination of your dreams.