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Colborn Associates

 Colborn Associates is a family firm which has been putting foundations beneath financial plans since 1927.  Janet Colborn, Ken Colborn and their associates specialize in financial education services, cash flow planning, tax strategies, and safe money alternatives for you -- whether you are planning for your family's financial security, your retirement, or your family's legacy.  Colborn Associates can help you maintain the lifestyle you desire and have "endless dollars" along the way.  

Why Us

Colborn Associates works as a team to show you simple and easy-to-understand ways to position your assets for both safety and growth to let your money work harder...and smarter. They will always do their best for you to make sure you have the money you want, can live how you want, and can live with dignity and financial security.  Each member of the team promises to serve you with respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.   

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Primary Agents

Janet Colborn

 Janet Colborn, CLTC, CSA is a partner at Colborn Associates and a member of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce.  A business ethics recipient and also a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Long Term Care Specialist that has been named in "The Heritage Registry of Who's Who" for her help in the development of the Senior Income Solution.  A degree in Business Education, Janet has combined her financial expertise together with her passion for education to help end financial illiteracy one community at a time.  Janet has helped thousands of people over more than 40 years so they no longer have any worries about money or what to expect in retirement.

Janet will give you the education, time, help, and resources so that you can make smart, informed financial decisions.  As always Janet's pledge to you is the promise to serve you with knowledge, respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.


Kenneth Colborn

 Ken Colborn is a partner of Colborn Associates and specializes in financial education to give you a better understanding of financial products and services available to you for your cash flow planning purposes.  With a degree in Business, his creativity and expertise along with accounting abilities combine to keep you on the cutting edge of financial innovation.  An extensive public speaking background and considerable knowledge combine to create an entertaining and informative experience.  Ken is an active member of non-profit organizations and has helped many couples confidently move forward in their financial lives with knowledge and certainty.

Ken will take the time to make sure you are informed and knowledgeable as you progress forward toward, or in, retirement.  As Always, Ken's pledge is to promise to serve you with knowledge, respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.


Back Office

Our back office are the unseen heroes who help make sure the extensive searches and planning are completed so that you will learn about the best options available to you.  Highly motivated and helpful, our back office team has decades of experience and is laser focused on their area of expertise.  Whether it is keeping up on the newest innovations or making sure transitions move smoothly, our team excels at their positions.

Whether you see them or not, our back office team will always pledge to serve you with knowledge, respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.

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