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You are an individual, and each individual has their own personalized path to retirement.  But choosing the correct path is not always an easy decision--should I pay taxes now, or later?  How much of my retirement should be guaranteed?  Is there a way to Maximize my Pension?  What is the fastest way to grow my assets?  Let Colborn Associates help you find YOUR path.

By meeting with you directly, our team can help you find the path that is best for you, whether you are a business owner taking advantage of the Leveraged Retirement Program or a young parent seeing the power of the Advantaged Banking Concept.
By analyzing both your Qualified and Non-Qualified retirement accounts, Colborn Associates will work with you to make your retirement income dream a reality.


Proper tax planning can lower your current taxes, and also greatly increase your retirement income.  By working with your tax accountant, Colborn Associates can show you how to lower your current taxes while using the power of Triple Compounding.  

Taxes can greatly eat into your retirement nest egg so make sure you know the answers.
   --Is it better to pay taxes now or later?
   --What are the tax consequences if I take retirement funds early?
   --Do I have to pay taxes on my IRA funds?  What if I don't take them?
   --Should I take money from a Qualified or Non-Qualified account first?
   --How do taxes affect my ability to keep pace with inflation?

Colborn Associates can help you understand these answers and give you the skills to make better tax decisions.


A big part of keeping your financial plan on course is the protection of your family's financial situation.  Colborn Associates will help you sort through the numerous options available to you including Term Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, and Dual-Duty Life Insurance.  

Sorting through which option and company is best for your family can be tricky for even the most savvy investor.  Colborn Associates understands that not everyone's need for family protection is the same, and that your needs can change over time--we keep this in mind while helping you find your best option.

Even if you have your family protection already in place, it is wise to take advantage of our "Free Look" option to make sure:
  --Your Beneficiaries are current and correct
  --Your Life Insurance is guaranteed for your lifetime
  --You are still getting the best price available
  --Your current amount covers your family's needs


College Funding can be one of the most important plans you put in place for your children.  The cost of higher education is increasing every year, while the need for a college degree is becoming more important than ever.  Colborn Associates will assist in determining the correct plan for you, looking at growth potential, tax implications, grant money, and how to maximize your ability to receive financial aid.


Retirement Planning * Tax Planning Analysis * Family Protection * College Planning

 It is said, "you work for 40 years, to afford the next 40." Now imagine if your money worked as hard as you did those 40 years. We all know that saving is important, but how you save is just as important. Colborn Associates will show you safe and effective pre-retirement plans and products to help you achieve your dreams and build your wealth. 

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"Just as important as a retirement savings plan, is a retirement spending plan." --JEC



One of the hardest adjustments for retirees is realizing they have just switched from the "accumulation" stage of life and have entered the "spending" stage.  It is now time to use your retirement fund for its intended purpose, but what is the best way to do that?  Colborn Associates excels in Retirement Income Planning and can help you Increase your monthly income with complete safety and guarantees.  

  --Should I take income from Qualified or Non-Qualified accounts first?
  --How do I position my investments for tax-favored Triple Compounding?
  --Can I guarantee my IRA income will never run out or decrease?
  --How do I safely increase my income without lowering my principal?

Our computer programs help you see how long your current funds will last, and how to optimize your funds to last longer.  With simple strategies such as the Senior Income Solution, Laddering, and Growth Income options, Colborn Associates can help you make your retirement accounts even stronger.

Using guaranteed contracts with some of the strongest financial institutions in the world, Colborn Associates can help guarantee a larger monthly income, that can never run out, with complete safety of your principal amount.


Many retirees are giving away more in taxes than is necessary.  By teaming with your current tax-accountant, Colborn Associates helps to lower your taxes even further.  Accountants are experts in figuring taxes and the best way to report them, just as we are experts in financial concepts and products - including their tax implications.

  --Are you paying taxes on interest in CD's?
  --Can I lower my taxes without lowering my income?
  --How do I pass the full amount of my Traditional IRA to my children without taxes?

Colborn Associates can work with your accountant to formulate a Tax-Advantaged plan using financial concepts and products that would be unfair to expect a tax-accountant to know.  These strategies can help you to stop paying the Unfair Tax, the Unnecessary Tax, and even lower the taxation of your Social Security Income.  


Today's medical advances are helping more and more people live longer.  This also means that many seniors may need some help if they live too long and become frail.  Extended Care Planning helps you keep your independence by providing you with extra income to pay for in-home assistance.  Should it be deemed necessary that assisted living is needed, proper Extended Care Planning will assist with nursing home costs as well.

Colborn Associates will help you protect the financial plan of your family, and the financial plan for your future.  Using government approved ideas they can help show you how to create an Extended Care Plan without an increase in your expenses.  Colborn Associates can also assist you in providing protection for yourself, and your assets, by using a Refundable Extended Care Policy.

With no risk of losing anything, why would you gamble losing everything?


We know leaving a Legacy to children and grandchildren is important.  It is a way to help secure their education, future, and families, as well as keeping you in their hearts.  Through discussion of your goals for your life, and afterward, Colborn Associates will help guide you through the complex world of Inheritance Planning.

  --Are my Beneficiaries up to date?
  --How much of my Legacy will be lost to taxes?
  --Should I use a trust?  and what kind of trust?
  --How do I give more to my heirs without cutting back on my income?

It is important to structure your Legacy now, so it is sure to be carried out the way you would want in the most efficient way possible.  Colborn Associates will help you structure your assets so they are distributed as you see fit, to help your family, with as little taxes and fees as possible.



Often overlooked by many advisors, safety is one of the most important features of In-Retirement Income Planning.  Your retirement funds are no longer money for the future, they have become money needed NOW.  Colborn Associates will help you determine your personal risk tolerance, and show you how much of your retirement assets are currently at risk for loss.

Using concepts such as Diversification and retirement vehicles including Equity Indexed Annuity Accounts, Colborn Associates helps you to keep higher interest rates while maintaining an overall degree of safety for retirement funds.

Income Maximization * Tax-Reduction Analysis * Extended Care Plans * Inheritance Planning * Safety

 Retirement is called the "Golden Years" for a reason.  You have worked hard your whole life and saved wisely so that you may now sit back and enjoy your retirement.  But what happens when the gold runs out?  In-Retirement Income Planning will help make sure that you will always have income, your taxes are low, and your family is taken care of after you are gone.  Colborn Associates will help you maximize your current plan or even help create one personalized for you.


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