Services Available

401(k) Rollover

 Many people take advantage of their 401(k) plan at work, but what they fail to realize is the many other choices available beyond the limited selection the company offers.  Money in a 401(k) can be rolled over into safe, higher growth accounts without affecting their tax-deferred status.


Be Your Own Banker

 This strategy allows you to re-capture all the money you are paying in interest, and put it in your retirement account.  Monthly bills are not changed, all creditors are completely satisfied, but all interest payments are going into your retirement account!  This includes interest from credit cards, car payments, bank loans, and many more.  

CDs / CAs

 Both CD's and CA's are simple, safe, and insured.  They both work virtually identical--a predetermined interest rate is credited every year for a specific number of years.  Each offers their own advantages-- CDs excel at short term holdings (<3 years), CAs are designed to maximize money intended to grow for medium - long terms (>3 years). 

College Planning

 A college education is becoming more important for financial success in today's society.  Unfortunately, the cost of a college education is becoming more expensive as well.  This is why a college plan is important.  Growth, taxes, limitations, and how it interacts with FAFSA all need to be considered. 


 Safety and the potential for higher returns come together within the  FIA.  Being linked to but not actually in the stock market allows for higher returns with no risk.  FIAs credit you with a return based on changes within your choice of stock indexes.  FIAs are great for those who want the potential for higher returns, but don't want high risk. 

Extended Care Ins.

 For many seniors, maintaining their independence and not becoming a burden to their children is an important part of retirement.  Extended Care Insurance will provide the funds needed to keep you living at home if an injury or illness strikes and medical assistance is needed and it will also help pay the costs of a nursing home or long term care if that should become needed.  


Income Rider

 Growth Income products are designed to provide safety, higher growth potential, and an advantageous income stream.   An income stream which will never run out is guaranteed for every month for your life. Income Riders have become a "must-have" retirement tool for every person in retirement. 

IRA Maximization

IRAs are one of the most common retirement accounts, but they often come with taxes, restrictions, and risk.  IRA Maximization will help you increase the money you receive from your IRA while minimizing the taxes and risk to your IRA accounts.


 Laddering is a strategy allowing you to take advantage of higher interest rates while still maintaining emergency fund access to your money.  It is a simple, quick, and effective strategy for cash building, safety, and still allowing access to your funds.

Life Insurance

 Life Insurance is an incredibly powerful tool for Estate Planning, Inheritance Planning, and Family Protection.  It will guarantee money to your family quickly and efficiently allowing you to protect their futures.  The cost is pennies on the dollar, and it always guarantees to pay out more money than you put into it.   If you care about your family, Life Insurance is a requirement.

Pension Maximization

 When it comes time to take a pension you are faced with a decision: Take a larger income but leave your spouse unprotected... or... protect your spouse but take a smaller income.  Pension Maximization will help create a third option by strategically combining financial tools to give you more income while still protecting your spouse.   

Senior Income Solution

 The Senior Income Solution accomplishes 3 important goals in 1 simple plan.

1. Increase and guarantee income for life
2. Reduce income taxes and help reduce tax on Social Security Benefits
3. Allow heirs to collect a larger inheritance


Split Fund

 The Split Fund provides larger monthly income checks to you, while maintaining the principle amount for your future or for your heirs.    By "splitting" the money into the correct combination of safety and return, you will optimize the income stream to yourself, gain tax advantages, and protect your original investment amount.

Triple Compounding

 Triple Compounding is one of the great secrets to wealth building.  This secret starts by avoiding the Unnecessary Tax and ends with far greater returns on your investment.  It allows you to earn interest on your principal, your interest, AND the money you would have paid in taxes.  This strategy will greatly increase your account values.

Avoidable Taxes

 The Unfair Tax is the tax on Social Security Benefits which was never supposed to exist.  The Unnecessary Tax is the tax on an unused investment gain such as CD interest which is not taken out for income.   By avoiding these common tax traps you can increase your savings and overall spendable income.