What Our Clients Say

Better Late Than Never

 "Three years ago you suggested we place just part of our money into something that would let us get part of the stock market growth with no downside risk...and guarantee our principal too.  My husband has always been 100% risk.  He wouldn't listen and now wishes he had because he says we lost more than 40%.  Can we still do that plan?  P.S.  It's awfully hard living with a man who thinks he knows everything!"

Simple = Happy

 "I'm awash with money.  You have made my life so simple now."  

-- Alice M. 

Family Recommendation

 "I am very grateful to my son for having introduced me to you!  I am very much at ease and feel very confident knowing that I am being guided by people I can trust, and knowing that your interests and goals are to do the best there is for me financially." 

--Rita G. 

Never Worry Again

 "I used to wake up at night worrying about money.  I didn't want to move out of my home, but it was so hard to pay for all the expenses.  Your help has allowed me to stay and even given me more income to spend.  Thank you!"  


You Do So Much For So Little

 "You have helped me so much.  My income is way up and my taxes are way down.  I feel so good.  After working with you, I actually paid less than $2,000 in taxes...that's more than $9,000 I kept in MY pocket!  I wish I would have come to see you three years ago.  You have never even sent me a bill...why?"  

--Bill K. 


 "After going over my account, you explained how I could get a much better return on my investments, with no risk, which was enlightening.  I was impressed and comforted to know that there are still some honest people out there that keep their promises, (you told me there would be no push or pressure with the free "second opinion") and you kept your word."  

--Edna D. 

Making Life Better

 "When I came to you I was looking for a way to keep my home.  Now I'm looking for contractors to add onto it!  You are my own personal angel."  

-- J.E. 

Changing Problems to Solutions

 "I never knew I could use my home to pay for my home!  It's so nice to have no mortgage payments and no more money worries!"  


Working With My Current Team

 "After working with you, you told me my taxes would drop to about $1,500, but my CPA said I would have to pay over $5,000.  She did not understand my plan.  After discussing it with you, she said my taxes would be only $1,200.  We're impressed with your work!  Thanks."  



 "You kept your word and you spent so many hours with us and never even sent a bill.  How do you do that?"  



 "Your welcoming attitude and honest advice helped me realize I could come to you anytime for further consultation.  I felt that I was thrown a life raft after going down a second time and I appreciate your honesty and concern about my well being."