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Giving You Safe Financial Choices

Advising people since 1927, Colborn Associates is a family financial planning firm, assisting clients with cash flow management, family protection, estate planning and other financial services.  We take the complexity out of retirement planning, making it simple and easy to understand.    
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Colborn Associates proudly hosts 3 representatives of SOFA (The Society Of Financial Awareness), a non-profit organization dedicated to ending financial illiteracy.  
If you, or an organization you know, would be interested in a FREE financial educational workshop, call
610-436-4440 and mention SOFA.  For more information on SOFA click here.


Your Tax-Accountants job is to take what you have done and give you the best tax breaks available.

Give your Accountant more to work with by pre-planning your tax year!  By taking this small step you will not only increase the safety and growth of your assets, but allow your Accountant to give you even MORE tax breaks!

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Did you know you are being taxed on your Social Security Income? 

Did you know that many seniors can reduce or even eliminate this tax quickly and easily?

The Unfair Tax
 can be lowered, or even eliminated, simply by increasing the safety of your retirement accounts.

Call now to learn which retirement accounts qualify!

Colborn Associates - Giving you Safe Financial Choices

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