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Welcome to your source for information on The Senior Income Solution!  Many Seniors today would enjoy more income...whether it is used for travel, to pay bills, or spend on grandchildren...everyone would like more.  The Senior Income Solution is a simple plan that will guarantee a steady monthly income (usually around 5%-8%) for as long as you live, while guaranteeing TODAY'S full account value to your heirs.

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The Senior Income Solution is designed for both men and women who are between the ages of 65 and 90.  Although it works well for any senior utilizing the Senior Income Solution, because of the way it works, older ages have the ability to earn a higher monthly income.  The Senior Income Solution has been highly utilized by wealthy, average-income and lower-income seniors alike to fulfill their individual income needs.
The Senior Income Solution has helped seniors increase and secure their nest eggs.  Many have even structured The Senior Income Solution to greatly increase the benefit to their heirs through tax advantages and asset structuring without affecting their current income.

The most popular use for The Senior Income Solution is its ability to greatly increase (often doubling) the spendable income for most seniors.  This increase in income will continue, for the rest of your life, in the form of monthly checks.  It also guarantees that the full amount deposited will be given to your beneficiaries without probate, fees, or taxes.



The Senior Income Solution utilizes many of the strongest Financial Institutions in the world.  These established companies are regulated by the government to assure they maintain the strict policies put in place to protect your funds.  If anything should happen to one of your companies, agreements have been put in place to guarantee other top-rated companies will assume and maintain your contract and continue the plan.  If, in the unprecedented event, all of these strong financial institutions in the world were to collapse at one time, a third tier of protection has been in place for decades to solidify and back up your Senior Income Solution plan as well.

Your funds are transferred directly to the established and known company(ies) of your choice and a written contract is provided to you from this company.  Your contract also comes with a "free look" period between 10 to 45 days (depending on the company selected) so you will never feel rushed when deciding to pursue the Senior Income Solution. 



The Senior Income Solution is a combination of three simple financial products blended together by trained financial professionals for your individual benefit.  Every part of The Senior Income Solution is backed by contract and offered by many of the strongest and most highly-rated financial institutions, not only in the United Stated, but in the world.  Your personal interest rate is determined by two main factors: Your age and your health. 

Because The Senior Income Solution has been designed specifically for older Americans, the older you are, the higher your monthly retirement checks will be.  You cannot outlive these checks as they are guaranteed by written contract for your lifetime and can never decrease. 

You do not need to be in great health to obtain The Senior Income Solution, although typically a person in good health will receive a higher rate of return.  Severe health problems (including recent heart attacks, major strokes, major cancers, etc.) will prevent you from being able to maximize the benefits of a properly working Senior Income Solution.  If this is the case, The Senior Income Solution, when structured properly, can still provide you with unique advantages.

A personalized estimate to determine the dollar amount of your monthly checks may be obtained from a licensed professional free of charge and with no obligation.  

To obtain a personalized rate of return from a licensed professional free of charge, click here. 


 TAX  BENEFITS                          
    Reduce Taxes on Social Security Income
    Eliminate Taxes and Fees for Heirs
    Eliminate Taxes and Fees on Traditional IRA for Heirs 


When Social Security income was introduced in 1935 by President Roosevelt, he declared that this income would never be taxed.  By the mid 1980s, this declaration was repealed and taxation on Social Security Income began.  By the mid 1990s the taxation was up to 85% of your Social Security Income could be taxed according to a specific provisional income** formula. 

To determine the amount of your Social Security Income which is subject to tax under this formula, the government looks at all income including interest earned and dividends...even tax-free bonds and other tax-free income are used to calculate the amount of Social Security Income which will be subject to taxation each year.  This is still where it stands today.

Because of the structure of The Senior Income Solution, under government regulations, the majority of income received from The Senior Income Solution (and in some cases ALL of the income received) is not just tax free, it is not even tax reportable.  This plays a major role on the ultimate taxation of your Social Security Income.  The income you receive from  the Senior Income Solution will last for as long as you live, with the major income tax advantages lasting many, many years, through life expectancy, and possibly even for your lifetime.  Not only will the Senior Income Solution help lower the taxes you have to pay each year on your income, but, in turn, depending upon the degree of positive impact it has on your total provisional income, The Senior Income Solution may ALSO lower the amount of your Social Security Income subject to taxation as well.  Especially in the current economy, savvy seniors know that every dollar you do not have to pay in taxes each year is a dollar you get to keep in your pocket...where it you even more spendable income each year!

**Provisional income is the income used to determine whether you as a taxpayer are liable for taxes on your Social Security benefits, and by how much. Your Social Security income will be subject to taxes if your provisional income as a single taxpayer is more than $25,000 or a joint filer more than $32,000.  A quick formula to estimate provisional income can be determined using the first page of your federal tax return and is as follows:  
  +   Gross Income (include wages, interest, dividends, pension payments, gains,
                               RMDs, etc.  Do not include major portion of income received
                               from Senior Income Solution Plan as it is not tax reportable.)
  +    Tax-free Interest (include bonds and all other tax-free interest)  
  +    50% of Gross Social Security benefits
  +    any tax-free fringe benefits and exclusions

  =    Total Provisional Income


When passing money on to your heirs, proper structuring can greatly increase the amount of money your heirs actually receive.  A large portion of many estates is eaten away by taxes, final expenses, attorney costs, and CPA fees...and quite often your heirs must still wait until the estate passes through probate before they receive a dime.

The Senior Income Solution is designed with the needs of retirees in mind, and this includes a quick and total passing of assets to heirs.  The full dollar amount deposited into The Senior Income Solution will be received by your heirs immediately.  There is no waiting!  The Senior Income Solution is structured so that funds will not need to pass through probate, and, therefore by design, will never be subject to the fees of lawyers and/or CPAs handling your estate.  The Senior Income Solution funds will also pass to your heirs without state or federal income taxes.  The total amount of funds deposited in The Senior Income Solution TODAY are insured and guaranteed to be received by your heirs without loss of deposited principal amount, free of probate, without income taxes, and without fees.


There are no taxes for you to pay to transfer your Traditional IRA funds into The Senior Income Solution/IRA.

There are no taxes for your heirs to pay when they inherit traditional IRA funds you deposited into your Senior Income Solution/IRA.

There are no taxes for your heirs to pay when they access/withdraw any or all of the funds they receive from your Senior Income Solution/IRA.

There's nothing that can match the tax efficiency of Traditional IRA funds deposited to the Senior Income Solution/IRA.

In past years, Traditional IRAs passed to heirs could lose up to 85% of their value due to the combination of all imposed taxes. For 2011 and 2012, Congress passed federal estate taxes (death tax) scheduled at 35% of value over $5 million.  Tax rates for 2013 and beyond are slated to revert to 55% of value over $1 million, but Congress is likely to make changes.  Either way, when you add the rates for any applicable estate taxes (death taxes) to the rates for federal income taxes, and, when applicable, also add rates for state income and/or state inheritance taxes...that total represents a lot of money which can be lost to taxes!  

The dollars lost to imposed taxes on your Traditional IRA funds isn't just the huge loss measured against TODAYS value, it is the loss of whatever amount is left in your Traditional IRA at the time of your passing.  Because of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) each year, along with fluctuating market values if your qualified money is in stocks, the amount you ultimately pass to your heirs can (and probably will) be significantly less than the amount you have TODAY.  The remaining balance, together with the taxes, fees, and probate imposed on that balance, can significantly reduce the amount passed on to your heirs.  

The Senior Income Solution/IRA can guarantee that you will pass 100% of your funds completely tax free.  

Only The Senior Income Solution/IRA, properly structured, can enable you to pass the full amount of TODAY'S Traditional IRA balance to your heirs without taxes.  Only The Senior Income Solution IRA will allow your heirs to access every penny of your Senior Income Solution/IRA without paying income taxes.  The Senior Income Solution/IRA is designed to both assure and insure that the government required IRA distribution received from your Senior Income Solution/IRA each year will never decrease the principal amount, and your heirs will receive the FULL amount transferred/rolled over into the Senior Income Solution/IRA completely tax free.  There are no taxes to pay when transferring funds into the Senior Income Solution/IRA as it is a recognized and allowed transfer/rollover of your Traditional IRA funds.  

The Senior Income Solution/IRA can easily increase the amount of annual income you receive over your current RMD amount, with no decrease to principal...ever!  It must be noted that because The Senior Income Solution/IRA is completed within a qualified retirement account (ie: Traditional IRA, 40l(k), pension, etc.), the income you receive each year will be taxable just as the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) on your Traditional IRA or any other qualified plan is taxable.  

When you pass on, all taxes on the qualified funds which you transferred/rolled over to The Senior Income Solution/IRA will cease for your estate and also your heirs.  There is nothing else as tax effective for Traditional IRA and/or other qualified funds as The Senior Income Solution/IRA.  It is the only method available to you which will enable you to pass the full balance of your Traditional IRA to heirs, with no tax to them on receiving the inherited funds and not one penny of tax to access/withdraw those funds. 




Traditionally, many seniors have invested their nest egg in the Stock Market or Certificates of Deposit (CDs)for retirement income.   Each of these has its individual advantages and disadvantages.  The stock market offers a higher potential for growth, but with a great deal of risk, and no guarantee your money will last for your lifetime, even if you do take a smaller income.  Financial advisors used to recommend a 5% withdrawal rate for income.  Then the general concensus among advisors was to recommend a more conservative 4% withdrawal rate in order to make your money last longer, but now due to market conditions, many are recommending an even lower rate.  The Certificate of Deposit (CD) offers a great deal of safety which is insured, but with limited interest rates.  There are, however, other income alternatives available to seniors who know where to look--an excellent choice being The Senior Income Solution.


The typical stock dividend is about 2.5% to 3% and is fully taxable each year.  If you think you are getting more, do the math and check again.  Although stocks have the ability to grow, they also have the ability to diminish in value as well.  This can equate to an unstable cash flow for you that can change or possibly even disappear in severe market situations. 

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) will help protect your investment amount, but will only guarantee your annual interest rate for a specific number of months/years.  Once that time period has expired, you may reinvest your funds...but there is no guarantee the credited interest rate will remain the same.  As you are probably aware, bank CD interest rates are extremely low.  This means if you receiving lower income, you may have to deplete your principal in order to meet your income needs.
The Senior Income Solution Guarantees TODAY'S full account value to your heirs without depletion and insures your retirement income.  The Senior Income Solution also guarantees a monthly income that will never change for as long as you live.  This means you can count on a Senior Income Solution monthly check that will never go down. The amount of your monthly check is determined and presented to you for approval before you enter into The Senior Income Solution.  The checks you receive are contractually guaranteed and insured by many of the largest financial institutions in the world.  Each Senior Income Solution is individualized and will be unique to you, your goals, and your income needs, with monthly checks that will provide endless dollars for your lifetime.  The typical Senior Income Solution income rate is generally between 5.5% and 8.5% (depending on age and health). Once you lock in your rate, your guaranteed monthly payments will never decrease and will never deplete the amount your heirs will receive. 


Many stocks dividends will pay on a quarterly basis, and as stated before, the fully taxable stock dividend is typically about 2.5% to 3%.  Each year these dividend proceeds are combined with your other sources of taxable income, and the entire dividend is taxable to you.  In order to determine your TRUE spendable income, the taxes must be factored in to determine a true spendable income amount.

CD interest is fully taxable as well.  This, again, means the CD interest you receive must be combined with your other sources of taxable income, and the entire interest amount is fully taxable to you each year, even if the interest is not withdrawn.  As above, In order to determine your TRUE spendable income, the taxes must be factored in to detemine a true spendable income amount.


The Senior Income Solution provides a unique ability for Seniors to receive a higher income from the nest egg on a Tax Advantaged basis.  Because income provided by The Senior Income Solution is received on a tax-advantaged basis and you pay income taxes on only a small portion of the full income received, your income taxes will be lower, and many times income taxes paid on your Social Security Income will be reduced or eliminated.  Lower taxes means you will have more money left in your pocket for spending.  For example, if your Senior Income Solution is providing you with 7% in monthly checks, and assuming you are in a 25% tax bracket, and you do not have to pay taxes on 75% of the income you receive (most of the income received from your Senior Income Solution is tax advantaged), you would have to earn approximately 9% in a taxable CD or stock dividend each and every year just to equal the same spending power you receive with the Senior Income Solution.  Because The Senior Income Solution monthly checks are received on a tax advantaged basis (not tax reportable), it is very possible your Social Security taxes will go down, also decreasing your overall taxes.

Note:  Just as your income is taxable when you take current distributions from your IRA or other qualified retirement accounts, when Traditional IRA or other qualified funds are used in The Senior Income Solution/IRA, your income is also taxable.  However, the higher income you receive from your monthly checks using the Senior Income Solution/IRA will give you extra money to help pay income taxes...and you will still have more spendable income left in your pocket where it belongs. The Senior Income Solution is unique in that all taxes end when you pass on and your heirs will receive your full and undepleted original Senior Income Solution/IRA principal amount with no income taxes, no fees, no probate, no delay, and no other taxes of any kind.    


Stocks do not guarantee an inheritance to your heirs.  The constantly changing stock market may increase your principal, or deplete it.  Partly because dividend rates are so low (and the ease of access to this money), many seniors will also "spend down" their principal in order to meet living expenses...further decreasing the amount for their heirs.  Although Capital Gains Tax can be relieved for heirs through a "step-up in value", the stocks must still pass through probate and be subject to  taxes and fees which will decrease the amount passed to heirs.

CDs are not subject to market fluctuations, and principal amounts will not change unless the funds are withdrawn by the owner.  Because of imposed penalties for early withdrawal, these funds are not as easily accessed, and CD balances may be more likely to be passed to heirs (unless principal was needed for living expenses).  CDs, however, will be subject to probate, taxes and fees along with the rest of the estate.  This will decrease the amount passed to heirs.

The Senior Income Solution provides a dedicated account in order to pass TODAY'S full amount to your heirs.  The amount in The Senior Income Solution account will never decrease, and The Senior Income Solution account will guarantee that your lifetime payments will never decrease as well.  In addition, The Senior Income Solution account will guarantee the full amount will be returned to your heirs tax free--even if Traditional IRA funds are used.  The ease and comfort of receiving higher monthly income checks when using The Senior Income solution can help you have the money you need to meet monthly living expenses and give you "fun" money for you, your family and friends, and your grandchildren.  The full Senior Income Solution amount passed to your heirs will pass with no probate, no fees, no delays and no income taxes...assuring your heirs will receive every penny you put into The Senior Income Solution.

The Senior Income Solution will protect your principal amount for your heirs, and can more than double your spendable investment income, while decreasing your taxes.




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