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Colborn Associates is a family firm which has been putting foundations beneath financial plans since 1927.  Clark Colborn, Janet Colborn and Ken Colborn and their associates specialize in financial education services, cash flow planning, tax strategies, and safe money alternatives for you -- whether you are planning for your family's financial security, your retirement, or your family's legacy.  Colborn Associates can help you maintain the lifestyle you desire and have "endless dollars" along the way. 

The family works as a team to show you simple and easy-to-understand ways to position your assets for both safety and growth to let your money work harder...and smarter. They will always do their best for you to make sure you have the money you want, can live how you want, and can live with dignity and financial security.  Each member of the team promises to serve you with respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times 

Members of our Team

H. Clark Colborn, ChFc, CLU is a partner of Colborn Associates and is a Chartered Financial Consultant as well as a Chartered Life Underwriter and has been named in the Heritage Registry of Who's Who for his help in the development of the Senior Income Solution.  His expertise in various financial areas allow him to educate people in a well rounded way so that they can understand all the options available to them and make informed decisions about their future.

Clark will give you the time, help, and information you need in order to make smart and informed decisions.  His pledge to you is the promise to serve you with respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.

Janet Colborn, CLTC, CSA is a partner of Colborn Associates and is a member of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce.  Janet, a business ethics recipient is also a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Long Term Care Specialist that has been named in "The Heritage Registry of Who's Who" for her help in the development of the Senior Income Solution.  With a BS degree in Business Education, Janet has combined her financial expertise together with her passion for education, and loves promoting SOFA's mission to end financial illiteracy one community at a time.  Through education and personal assistance, Janet has helped thousands of people over more than 40 years gain finanacial knowledge which has, in turn, allowed them to position themselves to they no longer need to worry about money, what to expect in retirement, and/or how to make financial decisions which can give safety and guarantees.

Janet will give you the educations, time, help, and resources you need to make smart, informed financial decisions in order to maintain the lifestyle you desire.  As always Janet's pledge to you is the promise to serve you with knowledge, respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.

Ken Colborn is a partner of Colborn Associates and specializes in financial education to give you a better understanding of financial products and services available to you for your cash flow planning purposes.  His creativity and expertise, along with his accounting abilities, innovative ideas and public speaking background, create an entertaining and informative experience.  Ken is an active members of The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), a nonprofit organization with the mission to end financial illiteracy in America-- One community at a time.

As Always, Ken's pledge is to promise to serve you with knowledge, respect, high ethics, and integrity at all times.


Colborn Associates is a member of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce in Pennsylvania.

Janet Colborn, of Colborn Associates, has been included in the 2006-2007 edition of "Who's Who" for their contributions in development of the "Senior Income Solution."  The "Who's Who" is a registry of individuals in North America, distinguished for success in their field of endeavor.

Janet Colborn has often been an invited member to "The Study Group", an elite financial group formed to exchange ideas with others in the financial field.

 FREE  Community  Service  Workshops

Colborn Associates is committed to giving back to their community.  Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and evenings they offer FREE financial information workshops to small groups.  This small size allows for personal attention while the frequency of the dates accommodates as many as possible. 

                             Tuesday                     Thursday
                                2:30                            3:00
                                5:30                            6:00

Common topics include:  maximizing your retirement wealth, IRA distributions, 401k rollovers, Annuities: The Truth: pros and cons, New Products, Tax Savings and many other topics of interest.  Of course, any questions you have on any topic may be asked as well.  These workshops are Free, but space is limited so reservations must be made by phone.

Group  Workshops

Free Financial Information Workshops - Small Groups:

Call to reserve your space and bring your questions.  Workshops are geared to your concerns and pretty much anything is open for discussion, explanation, or question.  A sampling of topics includes:

  1.  How preplanning your tax year can:
            - Lower your taxes for the future
            - Avoid the "Unnecessary tax"  AND "Unfair tax"
                              (many don't even know they are paying these taxes)
            - Increase your spendable income
            - Lower your Social Security Taxation
            - Give you tax control
    2.  Beneficiary arrangements 
    3.  Explanation of different types of annuity and life policies available today
    4.  Understanding which type of policy is most appropriate and when
    5.  Policy terminology explained
    6.  IRAs - Required minimum distributions, convert to Roth or not, 
             beneficiary arrangements, tax-saving measures, pass full
             amount of traditional IRA with no tax
    7.  Bring any questions you have          

Public Service Workshops sampling:

Senior Financial Survival Workshop
State Probate Issues, Tax on Social Security and interest Income, Federal Estate Planning Guidelines to help Protect your Life Savings from Medicaid & Nursing Home Seizure, and much more.

What Every Senior Needs to Know About Money

How to avoid becoming a victim of the hidden tax traps, pitfalls, and financial detours awaiting unsuspecting seniors.
Using the latest financial and estate planning techniques, Ken and Janet will explain your options in easy to understand terms and help implement a plan that will enable you to:

  • Get higher returns with either little or no risk
  • Lower your income taxes
  • Possibly reduce or eliminate the tax on your social security income
  • Take care of any state inheritance taxes and/or federal estate taxes
  • Avoid probate and conservatorship
  • Protect your assets from expensive nursing home costs, whenever possible
  • Increase your monthly income to meet living expenses

Additional Workshops:
College Planning
Estate Planning
Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement
Financial Blunders - Lessons We Never Learn
Getting Fiscally Fit
Getting Your Financial House in Order
I.D. Theft
Life Insurance and You
Preparing for Long Term Care
Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement
Stress and Your Health
Taking Control of your Cash:  Debt Elimination
Tax Planning
Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond

Contact us to arrange for a free educational workshop for your group, to request a free second opinion, or to discuss your private financial plans. 

Colborn Associates - Giving you Financial Choices

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